STAR Financial Solutions is about more than growing assets.  It’s about quality of life, richness of experience, setting goals and planning your dreams.  It is our objective to positively influence the financial future of our clients, to assist in establishing and designing an appropriate financial strategies that is in alignment with their goals.  We are dedicated to professionally supporting, educating, and providing informed direction to each and every client and their family.

We enjoy working with all individuals and families, with an emphasis on women who might not have much experience with investing. We help build retirement assets and then utilize a financial strategy so that retirement income goals will match your dreams.  We work with our clients, their attorneys and accountants for tax planning, trust and estate planning, and building a legacy for future generations.  This partnership proves very helpful during the stress of tax season, planning of distribution of current and future assets, especially in times of life adjustments such as marriage, divorce and the passing of a loved one.

At STAR Financial Solutions, we provide unbiased and independent advice, disciplined investment management and a commitment to exceptional service.  We strive to build client relationships for a lifetime. Often times, our clients become our friends and our friends become our clients.

STAR Financial Solutions is a financial firm that can be defined as your holistic financial planner, wealth manager and advisor.  We see the entire picture and provide guidance and perspective in the areas of cash-flow planning, estate planning, funding strategies, retirement planning, asset management, investments, life insurance options, long-term care and more.

We look forward to working with you. 

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