Women are different than men.  I know that’s not a great newsflash, but we are also different in the way we invest our assets, the way we work with money, the way we take on risk and many other factors that will affect us throughout our lifetime.  We care about leaving a legacy to our children and grandchildren, and we tend to be more charitable to many causes.

Women also face different challenges when planning for the future than men do. Identifying which needs to address today, while setting and working toward goals for tomorrow, often seem like daunting or even insurmountable tasks. After all, women generally have longer life expectancies than men, yet, on average, earn less over their lifetime – often because they spend time away from the workforce raising children or caring for elderly parents. Add to that the responsibility of caring for a family or managing an unexpected windfall – perhaps from an inheritance, legal settlement, or other sudden–wealth event – and financial planning can feel even more overwhelming.

One of our specialties is working with women in transition who may be facing the emotional and financial challenges that come with a change in jobs, divorce, the death of a spouse, or an inheritance; all of which bring new responsibilities and questions. At Star Financial Solutions, our commitment is to listen, educate, and communicate while guiding you and serving as a supportive partner during difficult times.

That's where we can help. No matter which of these life transitions you are experiencing, or even none at all, we are here to help you have a sound financial strategy designed to minimize any potential financial burdens or concerns, so you can focus on what's truly important – healing and moving forward.

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